Following the government’s guidelines, the thermal experience will completely be available on May 31th. Our Siberia café will be open everyday from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm. Massage therapy is available everyday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Nordic spa. Massage therapy. Cafe. The forest and the calm. The ultimate connection with nature, with your inner self. A moment for yourself, set to the sweet sounds of the flowing water. Hot and cold coming together as one only to part again, for an ultimate moment of rest and relaxation. Time no longer exists, life is as light as air. A well-earned time-off, a moment of deep relaxation, so close to the city yet so far from all the noise.

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The body treated with humanity and respect. Warm welcome, expert, healing, skillful hands. Massage therapy reconciles the body and the mind. In perfect cohesion with your needs and your expectations. Attentive massage therapists tuned into your every need through their hands and their hearts united to better hear yours.


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Open everyday from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm

An old chapel nestled in the arms of the forest, is home to the Sibéria Café. A magical encounter between the nobility of its original vocation and the warmth of its design. Healthy gourmet cuisine, exceptional coffees, and peace of mind. The perfect setting to savour the here and now. Surrounded by nature, soothed by a sense of complete satisfaction. The perfect agreement to better nourish body and soul…

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40% off! Multiple summer activities available;

Passeport Sibéria Spa X Pouvoirie Lac-Beauport X Marais du Nord – 99.73$ (valeur de 166.22$) 40% discount

Package Sibéria Spa X Sentiers du moulin X Empire 47 – 103.26$ (valeur de 172.10$) 40% discount

Passeport Sibéria Spa X Sentiers pédestres X Canicross – 40.98$ (valeur de 68.31$) 40% discount

Package Sibéria Spa X Marais du Nord X Empire 47 – 88.38$ (valeur de 147.31$) 40% discount

Plan your next trip in Quebec City! You can purchase our passeports for a limited time.


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A unique occasion to join our family and work in an enchanting environment, in the heart of nature!

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