Own the Moment

Our spa is inspired by a Scandinavian concept that alternates hot, cold and rest to attain a state of deep relaxation.

A Relaxation Cycle, in Three Steps

Warm, embracing, appeasing water, caressing steam on your skin. Once your body immersed your muscles free from tension. Your mind clears, skin pores dilate, toxins flush from your body taking away your worries at the same time…

An invigorating, glacial immersion. Feel revived, all your senses fully awake, and your mind suddenly aware. Only a few seconds of audacity are required to feel completely revived.

After the embracing warmth and the biting cold, comes the time to softly integrate the benefits of hydrotherapy. Slowly, your heart calms down and starts beating to the rhythm of Sibéria’s enchanting environment. Cocoons of warmth and bubbles of bliss await you for a moment of absolute well-being.



Hot baths are spread out respectfully throughout the site in a way allowing you the most beautiful of encounters, with yourself. Privacy, space, clean air, nature. Silent or whisper areas. Because slowing down in a silent setting allows your heart to speak up.



Steam baths open skin pores and eliminates impurities, leaving the skin smooth. Renewed. It allows the muscles to unknot and helps release tensions.

Eucalyptus alleviates respiratory problems because of its soothing and decongestive properties. Steam baths are perfect for people suffering from water retention, blood circulation issues and respiratory difficulties.

Thermal baths


Dry saunas decrease stress levels and stimulate blood circulation. It eliminates toxins at the surface of the skin and accelerate perspiration.



Infrared therapy alleviates stress, fatigue, chronic pain (by penetrating at the core of the pain), respiratory problems, muscular pain, stiffness and spasms. It favours healthy skin, weight control through the loss of calories at each session and strengthens the immune system.



Cold baths with waterfalls propel you towards a renewed vitality. A necessary step that invigorates your body and activates your nervous system. A bit of audacity is required to ensure an unparalleled sense of well-being.



In the fall, la rivière Jaune will embrace you in its reinviforating arms, a daring dive, revivifing, and unique; in the warmer seasons, it will rock you to the rhythm of its sweet whispers, it will appease you, soflty. Peaceful settings and fresh air included. Note that access to the river may sometimes be closed for your safety.  


The cycle ends with some rest and more relaxation. An essential pause, a moment of tranquility and introspection that allows you to integrate the benefits of hydrotherapy. Life slowly resumes in one of our cocoons of warmth, bubbles of bliss. The choice is yours.



Rest & relaxation alongside the river. Comfortable armchairs set around a fireplace; surrender to the soft sounds of nature.



The appeasing chant of the river. Hammocks to lay in peacefully. A fireplace to warm up, an atmosphere that invites to introspection, to a restful nap.



Several additional relaxation areas are available for you. They are spread throughout the site in a way that ensures a comforting privacy: heated terrace, outdoor fireplaces and restful transition areas.

Whether you prefer hammocks or Adirondack chairs, comfortable blankets or fresh air in the middle of nature, we will take care of you. That is the essence of our mission.

You can also complete your rest in our relaxation room Viva where you will find a variety of books and magazines to enjoy.


Thermotherapy provides numerous benefits: considerably decreased stress levels, elimination of toxins, released muscle tensions, stimulated cardiac functions, improved blood circulation, restored skin elasticity and firmness, considerably improved quality of sleep, and strengthened the immune system. Sibéria welcomes you throughout the year, regardless of the season.

To fully take in all the benefits of the Sibéria Spa experience, we suggest you plan to stay with us for two to three hours.