From our heart to yours…

We have been welcoming you in the heart of our dream for 15 years. Listening to your story, observing your journey, cherishing the trust you have shown us. We are honoured by your presence, powered by your recognition.

Sibéria Spa was founded in June of 2005. The fruits of a dream come to life for its two founders, Julie Panneton and Michel Carrier, above and beyond everything else, the beginning of a marvellous human adventure.

More than a decade later, supported by more than one hundred employees, we are proud to have grown with you. For you. To be attentive to our precious clients, reaching out to them, is our primary mission. Our deepest convictions, as well as our individual commitment, are the foundation of our motivation to always offer you more, to propel your well-being and to provide you, individually and collectively, with parcels of happiness, glimmers of magic. Sibéria style.

Be attentive to our precious clients, welcome them with open arms; that is what our mission is all about.




  • that every day is a miracle
  • that each individual is unique and deserves all our attention
  • that taking care of people, one human at a time, just might change the world
  • that a smile, a helping hand, a sympathetic ear, are at the core of who we are
  • that Sibéria’s collective heart is the root of our business
  • that each time our front door opens, our hearts open at the same time
  • that our true essence is as vital as the nature surrounding us
  • that our valued forest can appease, heal, soothe and nourish each soul passing our threshold
  • that we are doing the greatest and most rewarding job on earth
  • that for as long as we have the privilege to promote well-being, we will with our heart and soul
  • that life is a precious gift, and that the people with whom share our lives are exceptional.